Counseling Psychology (COUNSPSY)

COUNSPSY 4250 Group Counseling 3 Credits

This course presents the theory and applied models of structured, developmental group counseling. The emphasis is placed on facilitating a gradual increase in problem-solving skills leading to wellness.
Components: Laboratory, Class
Typically Offered: Occasional

COUNSPSY 4600 Measurement for Counselors and Educators 1-3 Credits

A study of assessment devices and procedures in the areas of interest, attitudes, intelligence and personality; plus discussion of the theoretical bases upon which such procedures and devices are founded.
Components: Class
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer

COUNSPSY 4630 Introduction to Professional Counseling 3 Credits

The role of guidance in the educational process; historical, psychological, sociological and philosophical foundations of the guidance movement.
Components: Class
Typically Offered: Occasional

COUNSPSY 4990 Individual Study in Counselor Education 1-3 Credits

An opportunity for students to engage in deeper study of topics previously considered, to broaden themselves by pursuing areas not offered within other courses, or to engage in projects and experiences otherwise not available.
Components: Independent Study
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: TEACHING 2130 or a comparable developmental psychology course (PSYCHLGY 3130 or PSYCHLGY 3230) and junior standing
Typically Offered: Spring