John C. Adams Economics
Kahtan Al Yasiri Economics
Vernon C. Allsup Ethnic Studies
John E. Ambrosius Agricultural Industries
Max L. Anderson Civil Engineering
Swaminathan Balachandran Industrial Engineering
Darla M. Banfi Distance Learning
Debra R. Becker Distance Learning
Steven A. Becker Accounting
Dale K. Bernhardt Student Support Services
Linda E. Bernhardt Women’s Studies
John S. Borke Business Administration
Linda H. Bouck Industrial Studies
Stephanie R. Branson English
Patricia L. Bromley Psychology
Wendy A. Brooke Business Administration
Russell E. Burgett Education
Kenneth E. Buttry Civil Engineering
Carol Sue Butts Administration
William L. Campbell Mathematics
Tamer H. Ceylan Mechanical Engineering
Franklin D. Cheek Mathematics
Charles G. Christison Distance Learning
Dennis C. Ciesielski English
Joseph M. Clifton Software Engineering
Patricia A. Collins Physical Education and Health
Thomas P. Collins Theatre
Robert C. Conway Accounting
John E. Cottingham Agricultural Industries
Steve A. Cullen Groundskeeper
Ralph W. Curtis Chemistry
Mary Pat Dalles English
Barbara M. Daus International Studies
Mittie J. Den Herder Provost
Edward P. Deneen Registrar
Peter M. DiMeglio History
Fred E. Domann Engineering Physics
Dawn M. Drake Distance Learning
Vickie L. Dreessens Student Health Services
Martha D. Drummond English
David M. Drury Electrical Engineering
Evelyn M. Duesbury Accounting
Elizabeth A. Duewer Biology
Jay N. Dykstra Biology
Richard W. Egley Student Affairs
David Ellestad Electrical Engineering
G. Dan Fairchild Performing and Visual Arts
Dale R. Fatzinger Arts and Sciences
Harold W. Fenrick Chemistry
Robert A. Fidrych Business Administration
Ross A. Fiedler Mechanical Engineering
Barbara A. Gates Physical Education and Health
Mohaninder S. Gill Computer Science
Roger E. Gottschalk Art
Richard W. Graney Mathematics
Roxane M. Gunser Business Administration
William J. Hamshire Mathematics
Robert C. Hansen Chemistry
Dianne M. Hanten Registrar
Bernard W. Harris Business Administration
Roger E. Hauser Industrial Studies
Charles J. Heidenreich Agricultural Sciences
Susan M. Hellert History
Thomas P. Hickey English
Roger L. Higgs Agriculture
James R. Holler Biology
C. Ellsworth Hood Philosophy
Roger L. Hoover Industrial Studies
Bruce C. Howdle Art
Thomas C. Hunt Agriculture
John O. Ifediora Social Sciences\Economics
Walter C. Iselin Physical Education and Health
Linda R. James Art
A. Nicholas Johansen Counseling Psychology
Thomas J. Jonas Speech
Kenneth G. Kamps Education
Kathleen A. Kelley Human Resources
Kenneth C. Kilian Agricultural Sciences
Deborah J. Kinder English
Jack Kirby Industrial Studies
Dwight H. Klaassen Chemistry
Richard A. Klawiter Industrial Studies
Stephen W. Kleisath Business Administration
Charles M. Knox Industrial Studies
Eugene V. Korb Engineering
Sharon L. Kratcha Criminal Justice
David N. Kunz Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Carol M. Lange Education
Lang-Wah Lee Mechanical Engineering
Victor M. Levy, Jr. Education
Deborah A. Lewis English
Michael E. Lewis Music
Yong Y. Li Electrical Engineering
Robert W. Lind Physics
Thomas J. Lindahl Agriculture
Terrence L. Liska Economics
Thomas Lo Guidice Education
Daryl L. Logan Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Joseph B. Lomax Criminal Justice
Kathryn B. Lomax Sponsored Programs
Stanislaw A. Lukowski Mechanical Engineering
Marian G. Maciej-Hiner Continuing Education
Susan M. Mann Distance Learning
Gediminas S. Marchertas Foreign Languages
David J. Markee Administration
William C. McBeth Education
Colleen A. McCabe Health and Human Performance
Earl S. McCullough Civil Engineering
Julia K. McDonald Mathematics
Michael O. Mee Agriculture
Alvin Menninga English
Roger J. Meyer Counseling Services
Mark S. Meyers Civil and Environmental Engineering
Joyce F. Miller Chemistry
William K. Miller Psychology
Milton Mitchell Mathematics
Mark D. Molesworth Athletics
Edwin E. Moore Education
Stanley R. Moore Philosophy
Judith E. Moriarty Library Services
Paul V. Moriarty Information Services
James P. Mueller Auxiliary Services
Chetna Narayan Psychology
Paula M. Nelson History
Thomas B. Nelson Civil Engineering
James R. Nickasch Physical Education
Robert P. Nusbaum Agricultural Sciences
John N. O'Neill Communication Technologies
Esther N. Ofulue Biology
David A. Olson Physical Facilities
Fred W. Oomens Agriculture
Marjon B. Ornstein Foreign Languages
Jerry D. Oxenford Business Administration
Gianfranco S. Pagnucci English
Dennis J. Palmer Auxiliary Services
Barbara Parsons Philosophy
Judith E. Paul Business Administration
Madonna J. Perkins Business Administration
Rebecca L. Peters Student Success
Robert A. Phillips Geography
Bill L. Potts Accounting
Susan G. Price Agriculture
Virgil R. Pufahl Communication Technologies
Deborah L. Putnam Dining Services
Arthur L. Ranney Media Studies
Prathivadi B. Ravikumar Mechanical Engineering
Ronald A. Redwing Maintenance
B.J. Reed Media Studies
Jesse G. Reinstein Chemistry
Joan M. Rekstad Education
Deborah L. Rice Criminal Justice
Allan A. Richert Mathematics
Lisa A. Riedle College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science
John R. Rink Political Science
Tracey L. Roberts History
Dolores J. Rock-Hutcheson Education
Kurt C. Rolle Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Edward L. Ross Criminal Justice
James M. Ross Art
Michael C. Rowe Software Engineering
David G. Rowley History
Charles T. SaLoutos Education
William A. Sanders Mathematics
Carol A. Sands Chemistry
Philip J. Sands Industrial Engineering
Thomas N. Scanlan Computer Science and Software Engineering
Charles W. Schilling Business Administration
William F. Schilling Industrial Studies
Lynn M. Schlager Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Jean E. Schlueter Student Health Services
Debra L. Schulman Athletics
Richard R. Schumacher Admissions and Enrollment Management
Bryan L. Schwark Library Services
Piyare L. Sharma Electrical Engineering
Roy A. Shaver Chemistry
Marc R. Shelstrom Industrial Studies
Kenneth A. Shubak Geology
Richard D. Shultz Electrical Engineering
John C. Simonson Economics
Warner K. Smidt Industrial Studies
George E. Smith Speech
Robert O. Sommer Mathematics
Sandra L. Spofford Counseling Services
William K. Spofford Study Abroad
Raymond Spoto Spanish
Sally N. Standiford Liberal Arts and Education
Gloria S. Stephenson English
Marsha L. Stewart Student Affairs
William A. Stindt Administrative Services
DuWayne H. Stuelke Industrial Studies
Mary Jo Stutenberg Computer Science and Software Engineering
Bheru L. Sukhwal Geography
Charles E. Sundin Chemistry
Shiv R. Tandon International Programs
Joseph F. Thomas Industrial Studies
Kathleen J. Tigerman English
F. Dawson Trine Mathematics
Elizabeth Tucker Financial Aid
Kimberly D. Tuescher Counselor Education
Frederic W. Tufte Mathematics
Jamir Uddin Accounting
V. John Vacca English
Thomas J. Vail Physical Education and Health
David P. Van Buren Criminal Justice
Sue A. Vavricka Psychology
Mari A. Vice Geology
Michael A. Viney Student Affairs
Rhonda L. Viney Student Housing
Vernon G. Vradenburg Physical Education and Health
Richard A. Wadewitz Physical Education and Health
Yuan-Ling (David) Wang Civil Engineering
Thomas A. Waters Political Science
Richard A. Wetzel Civil Engineering
Jerome J. Wilson Physics
Kaye S. Winder Art
Kathryn A. Winz Criminal Justice
Marc K. Wruble Psychology
Kay T. Young Library Services
Philip W. Young Physics
Roderick W. Zentner Physical Education and Health
Stephen P. Zielke Administration
David L. Zierath Sociology