About this Catalog

The UW-Platteville online catalog represents the most accurate reflection of curricula and policies available up to the time of publication. All students matriculating at the university follow the guidelines and academic requirements espoused by this document, unless they are interrupted by time away from the institution. Students whose attendance is interrupted for at least one semester may be expected to meet the curricular requirements in effect at the time of their return. Students follow the requirements of the catalog in effect at the point of admission. Students transferring from another UW institution follow the guidelines in effect at the point of admission to the UW System. This practice could be affected by a variety of situations, such as collegiate or departmental curricular changes, absence for several semesters or terms and other circumstances. Students must decide to choose between the requirements of one catalog or another; they may not choose to combine catalogs.

Individual departments make announcements concerning changes in degree requirements. Students should remain in contact with their advisors to keep informed about their degree requirements and any possible changes that should occur.