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GEOGRPHY 3330 Environmental Conservation 3 Credits

The relationship of humans and the natural environment. Topics include environmental world views, the effects of eco system disruption, and use and misuse of natural resources.
Components: Class
GE: Social Sciences
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: Junior standing or consent of instructor
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring

This upper level course would be found in the geography section of the course description area. It has a prerequisite of junior or senior standing, and carries social science general education credit.

Course Number

0000-0990 No credit toward degree (does not count toward 120 credit minimum)
1000-2990 (or 200W-299W) Lower level undergraduate course
3000-4990 (or 300W-499W) Upper level undergraduate course
5000 or higher Graduate level course


The course credits are listed to the right of the course number. One credit hour represents one hour of class time per week plus two hours of out-of-class study.

Course Title and Course Description

The course title is listed in bold. A brief description of the course is included after the title.

Prerequisite or Corequisite Designation

P: Designates that the course has a prerequisite (a course that must be taken before this class)
C: Designates that the course has a corequisite (a course that must be taken at the same time as this class)

Semester/Term Designation

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General Education (Liberal Studies Areas) Requirements

Lists which general education requirements this course meets

  • HUMAN: Carries general education humanities credit
  • FINE ARTS: Carries general education fine arts credit
  • HISTORY: Carries general education historical perspective credit
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE: Carries general education social sciences credit
  • NATURAL SCIENCE: Carries general education natural sciences credit
  • INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION: Carries general education international education credit
  • ETHNIC STUDIES, GENDER STUDIES: Carries general education ethnic and gender studies credit
  • ETHNIC: Carries general education ethnic studies credit
  • GENDER: Carries general education gender studies credit

Other Areas

  • ENTRY: Carries entry credit
  • HHP-ACTIVITY: Carries health and human performance activity credit
  • HHP-WELLNESS: Carries health and human performance wellness credit