Pre-Professional and Special Programs

Pre-Professional Programs

Many students enroll at UW-Platteville for coursework before completing their education at another professional school or college. Pre-professional curricula for a variety of professions have been developed. A student enrolling in one of the pre-professional programs will be assigned a faculty advisor who will assist in developing course schedules and preparing for entrance into a professional school of the student’s choice. A faculty advisor has been identified as the contact person for each program listed below. Each student interested in a specific pre-professional program is strongly encouraged to seek the advice of the contact person to ensure appropriate advising.  For detailed information see Pre-Professional Programs.

Special Programs

Many programs are offered at UW-Platteville. Some of these programs deserve special mention not only because they are unique strengths at UW-Platteville, but also because they suggest the depth of our commitment to a rich and varied curriculum serving the needs of all students.

Independent Learning

Independent Learning provides an opportunity to take courses at the participant’s convenience. After enrollment, participants complete assignments as their schedule permits and take their exams when they are ready.

Courses range from 1-5 credits and are offered online or print with an e-mail option. Subjects include business, education and health, English and humanities, ethnic studies, world language, math and science, social science and more.

Independent Learning is a part of the UW-Extended Campus. Independent Learning has offered courses since 1892. Independent Learning’s university-level courses are developed and taught by faculty and instructors affiliated with UW institutions.

Independent Learning catalogs are available online at or by calling 1.877.895.3276 (toll-free). Independent Learning advisors are available to answer questions regarding course selection, registration, policies and procedures.