To All Applicants

This section provides general admission information for degree-seeking and special students. Professional development courses or courses for personal enjoyment can be found in the Continuing Education section.

Those who intend to earn a degree or become a special student must apply for admission to the university. The preferred method to apply electronically, but paper applications are available through the Office of Admission. Please see the UW-Platteville home page at for specific instructions.

If degree-seeking applicants know the field of study they intend to pursue, they may indicate that choice on the application. If applicants are still deciding, they may indicate undecided as their choice. Some majors require additional standards for admission.

Special Notice

All applicants must provide the university with accurate information about personal and educational history. Students who intentionally falsify or omit information, as part of their university record will be suspended.

Admission Categories

Admission procedures and standards vary somewhat from group to group. The following is a definition of each category. Locate the appropriate category, then find the subsection which discusses that category for information needed in order to be admitted to UW-Platteville.

Credits by Examination

Some students may be eligible to receive college credits based on their Advanced Placement or College Level Examination Program scores; still others may choose to take test-outs developed by individual departments on the UW-Platteville campus. In addition, most veterans are eligible to receive some advanced credit for their service.

Since many of the credits awarded by examination or review count toward the general education requirements, students should read both this chapter and the general education chapter of the catalog thoroughly before registering for courses.