Agricultural Education (AGEDUC)

AGEDUC 2920 Introduction to Agricultural and Extension Education 2 Credits

An introduction to the origin, organizational structure, and scope of the Agricultural Extension Service and to education in agriculture; trends in these programs and the training requirements and professional opportunities associated with these trends.
Components: Class
Typically Offered: Fall

AGEDUC 3750 Agricultural Education Internship 3-6 Credits

Supervised experiential learning opportunities in cooperation with businesses and public agencies related to agricultural education.
Components: Field Studies
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: 45 credits completed or IP and 12 credits of AGBUS, AGEDUC, AGET, ANSCI, ENVHORT, or SCSCI completed or IP at the time of registration and good standing, and approval of internship coordinator.
Typically Offered: Fall - Spring - Summer

AGEDUC 3900 Curriculum and Facilities Planning in Career and Technical Education 3 Credits

Determination of program units while planning for the administration of all facets of the Career and Technical Education. Subsequent items that support the programs, including curriculum development, student learning outcomes, instructional facilities, equipment, resource materials, and sequential program planning of objectives with directed student learning activities.
Components: Class
Typically Offered: Spring

AGEDUC 4930 Teaching Methods in Career and Technical Education 3 Credits

Application of the teaching-learning process in Career and Technical Education, including lesson plans, methods of instruction, the use of technology, assessment, and experiencing teaching through role playing.
Components: Laboratory, Class
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: AGEDUC 3900 or senior standing
Typically Offered: Spring