Social and Environmental Justice (SEJ)

SEJ 2230 Introduction to Social and Environmental Justice 3 Credits

Introduction to major issues related to social and environmental justice through an interdisciplinary examination of historical, cultural, social, political, economic, and environmental issues dominating our planet.
Components: Class
GE: Humanities
Typically Offered: Fall

SEJ 4660 Cooperative Field Experience 3-6 Credits

The student is expected to engage in a project in an off-campus setting that significantly involves the practice of social and/or environmental justice. The nature of the assignment, type of experience, number of credits and evaluation procedures are to be stipulated in a statement of agreement (learning contract) between the student and the SEJ Program.
Components: Field Studies
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: SEJ 2230 and junior standing or consent of instructor
Typically Offered: Fall - Spring

SEJ 4940 Capstone Seminar 2-3 Credits

Upon returning from their off-campus field experience, students will engage in an evaluation of their field experience and an integration of that experience with their prior course work.
Components: Discussion
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: SEJ 4660 and junior standing or consent of instructor
Typically Offered: Occasionally