Astronomy (ASTRON)

ASTRON 1300 Survey of Astronomy 3 Credits

Descriptive survey of astronomy for students with minimal background in mathematics and science. Topics include the solar system, stars, nebulae, galaxies, cosmology, and astronomical methods.
Components: Class
GE: Natural Science
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: MATH 10 or MATH 12 or mathematics proficiency level of 10 or above
Typically Offered: EVERY/OTH

ASTRON 1310 Introductory Astronomy Lab 1 Credit

Hands-on exploration of astronomy concepts using night sky simulation software, computer activities, class discussions, and astronomical equipment. Occasional nighttime outdoor observing of constellations, planets, the Moon, and sky objects using binoculars and telescopes will occur when the weather permits. This lab will meet in the classroom every week during the regular lab time. Outdoor nighttime observing sessions will be announced throughout the semester by the instructor and will happen during the "Exam" time associated with the lab. This lab may be taken the same semester as ASTRON 1340 or ASTRON 1350 or at a later time.
Components: Laboratory
GE: Natural Science
Prereqs/Coreqs: P or C: ASTRON 1300 or ASTRON 1340 or ASTRON 1350
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring

ASTRON 1340 Introductory Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies 3 Credits

Our sky, light, how objects in the universe move, the sun, the stars and stellar evolution, galaxies, cosmology, the origin and fate of the universe. It assumes no previous knowledge of astronomy.
Components: Class
GE: Natural Science
Typically Offered: Fall

ASTRON 1350 Introductory Astronomy: The Solar System 3 Credits

This class will give students an introductory-level understanding of current knowledge of solar system astronomy, from the night sky we see from Earth to the possibility for life on other worlds. It assumes no previous knowledge of astronomy.
Components: Class
GE: Natural Science
Typically Offered: Spring

ASTRON 3000 Special Topics in Astronomy 1-3 Credits

Special topics and laboratory projects dealing with problems of current interest in astronomy and astrophysics. May be taken for credit more than once.
Components: Class
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: ASTRON 1300 OR ASTRON 1340 OR ASTRON 1350
Typically Offered: Occasional

ASTRON 4990 Independent Study in Astronomy 1-4 Credits

Study of special topics and/or developments of special projects having department approval.
Components: Independent Study
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer