Engineering Physics (ENGRPHYS)

ENGRPHYS 1020 Engineering Physics Systems 1 Credit

Hands-on engineering physics laboratory projects. PLC and microcontroller programming of electromechanical systems, with a final project.
Components: Laboratory
Typically Offered: Spring

ENGRPHYS 3240 Applied Mechanics 4 Credits

Particle and rigid body mechanics including viscous forces, vibrations, noninertial reference frames, collisions, planar and 3D dynamics, Lagrangian mechanics, and numerical solutions to more realistic problems. Includes a term design project.
Components: Class
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: "C-" or better in PHYSICS 2340 and GENENG 2130; C: MATH 3630
Typically Offered: Fall

ENGRPHYS 3640 Electric and Magnetic Fields 4 Credits

Electrostatics, magnetostatics, Maxwell's equations, plane waves, and transmission lines.
Components: Discussion, Class
Cross Offering: ELECTENG 3140
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: "C-" or better in ELECTENG 2210, MATH 2840, MATH 3630 and PHYSICS 2340
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring

ENGRPHYS 3950 Engineering Physics Cooperative Education 2 Credits

Work experience in industry under the direction of the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science Cooperative Education and Internship Program. During co-op the student is expected to be away from his/her studies at UW-Platteville and work for an industry for a semester and summer.
Components: Field Studies
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring

ENGRPHYS 3970 Engineering Physics Internship 1 Credit

Work experience in industry under the direction of the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science Cooperative Education and Internship Program. NOTE: This program is separate and distinct from the cooperative education program and is principally designed to cover the summer work experience. Internship is designed to provide experiential learning experience to the student during the summer period. Credits do not fulfill graduation requirements.
Components: Field Studies
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: Junior standing
Typically Offered: Summer

ENGRPHYS 4010 Engineering Physics Lab 2 Credits

Experimental methods, error analysis, design of experiments, teaming and communications. Includes a term design project.
Components: Laboratory
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: PHYSICS 3140 with a "C-" or better
Typically Offered: Fall

ENGRPHYS 4140 Applied Optics 4 Credits

Geometric and physical optics to minimally include ray matrices, Cardinal Points, time-harmonic waves, phasors, interference, diffraction, thin films, Fresnel relations, and Gaussian Optics. The course also includes a laboratory component which covers basic geometric and physical optics.
Components: Laboratory, Class
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: "C-" or better in PHYSICS 3140; C: ELECTENG 3220
Typically Offered: Spring

ENGRPHYS 4210 Sensor Lab 2 Credits

Study of the physics exploited by the most basic types of sensors, including photoelectric, electromechanical, resistive, inductive, capacitive, and chemical. Includes a study of the basic building blocks of a sensor system: the sensor itself, signal conditioning electronics, and computer interfacing.
Components: Laboratory
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: C- or better in PHYSICS 3140 and ELECTENG 2210 and COMPUTER 1430
Typically Offered: Spring

ENGRPHYS 4220 Engineering Quantum Mechanics 2 Credits

Introduction of the quantum theories which are related to engineering applications. Applications of quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and solid state physics to nanoscale material structures, electronics, optoelectronics and other modern engineering technologies.
Components: Class, Discussion
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: "C-" or better in PHYSICS 3140
Typically Offered: Fall

ENGRPHYS 4930 Engineering Physics Senior Design 3 Credits

Capstone, industry sponsored, comprehensive engineering design experience. Students work in teams with their sponsor to develop a solution to a real-world problem by a rigorous application of the engineering design process to include constraints and project management. This is the culminating course in the major and challenges students technically as well as technically and professionally.
Components: Laboratory, Class
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: "C-" or better in ENGRPHYS 4010 and student must be within one year of graduation
Typically Offered: Spring

ENGRPHYS 4980 Special Topics in Engineering Physics 1-3 Credits

A presentation of selected contemporary topics in physics.
Components: Laboratory, Class
Typically Offered: Occasional

ENGRPHYS 4990 Independent Study in Engineering Physics 1-4 Credits

Study of special topics and/or developments of special projects having department approval.
Components: Independent Study
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer