Reclamation (RECLAM)

RECLAM 3850 Pre-Capstone Seminar in Plant and Soil Sciences 1 Credit

This course will instruct students in the formation of a proposal for their capstone experience/project. Students will engage in professional development activities.
Components: Seminar
Cross Offering: ENVHORT 3850, SCSCI 3850
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: SCSCI 1240 / ENVHORT 1240 or ECORES 1010, and junior standing, or consent of instructor.
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring

RECLAM 4310 Capstone Experience in Plant and Soil Sciences 3 Credits

A capstone course for students in their last year of study focused on solving practical agronomic, horticultural, or environmental problems using knowledge and skills gained through coursework and experience.
Components: Practicum
Cross Offering: ENVHORT 4310, SCSCI 4310
Prereqs/Coreqs: P: ENVHORT 3850 / SCSCI 3850 / RECLAM 3850 and Junior Standing or Consent or Instructor.
Typically Offered: Fall/Spring