Coaching Minor

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
Core Requirements
BIOLOGY 2340Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology4
HHP 3020Physiology of Exercise4
HHP 2020First Aid/Accident Prevention/Community CPR2
or HHP 2230 First Aid/CPR/AED - American Heart Association
Requirement One - Choose one of the following:2-3
Psychology of Coaching
Theory of Coaching
Requirement Two - Choose one of the following:3
Legal Aspects of Sport and Recreation
Social Aspects of Sports
Requirement Three - Choose one of the following:2
Injury Prevention and Treatment
Anatomical Kinesiology
Requirement Four - Choose one of the following:3
Principles of Strength and Conditioning
Human Nutrition
Individual Sports
Team Sports
Practicum in Athletic Coaching/Administration
Advanced Athletic Training 1
Total Credits24