Department of Performing and Visual Arts

Department Chair: Ann Farrelly
Office: 114 Art Building
Phone: 608.342.6045


Fine Arts - Art and Design



About the Department and Majors

The UW-Platteville Department of Performing and Visual Arts offers degree programs in art, music, speech communication, and theatre. Art means two things:

  1. Creative works and the process of producing them
  2. The whole body of work in the art forms that make up the entire human intellectual and cultural heritage

When we study art, we involve ourselves in a particular set of processes, products, influences, and meanings. We recognize that art is expressed in various styles, reflects different historical circumstances, and draws on a multitude of social and cultural resources.

The terms arts, discipline, and art form refer to music, theatre, and the visual arts, and recognize that each of these encompasses a variety of forms and subdisciplines. When we speak of the arts, it means these arts disciplines taken together or, most inclusively, the totality of all the activities in the arts.

At UW-Platteville, speech1 is considered a performance-based art.


National Standards for Arts Education, 1995 MENC.