Fine Arts, B.F.A. with a Studio Art-Painting and Drawing Emphasis

Course Title Credits
Required Courses (81 credits)
Core/Foundation Courses (33 credits)
ART 1010Drawing I: Basic Drawing3
ART 2310Drawing II: Styles3
ART 1410Painting I: Beginning Painting3
ART 2410Painting II: Intermediate Painting3
ART 1420Basic Design I: 2-D3
ART 1520Basic Design II: 3-D3
ART 1740Introduction to Digital Media3
ART 4230Theory of Art3
ART 2510Sculpture I: Basic3
ART 2520Ceramics I3
ART 2440Survey of Studio Art Practices3
Art History Courses (12 credits)
ART 2140Art History I: Ancient and Medieval3
ART 2210Art History II: Renaissance to Modern3
ART 334020th c. Art History: Modern to Contemporary3
ART XXXXAny advanced Art History Course3
Painting and Drawing Courses (21 credits)
ART 3310Drawing III: Figure Drawing3
ART 3440Painting III: Figure Painting3
ART 4310Drawing IV: Intermediate Drawing3
ART 4400Advanced Painting3
ART 4460Watercolor Painting3
ART 4800Materials and Techniques of Painting3
ART 4960BFA Thesis Project and Exhibition3
Art Studio Electives15
Ceramics II
Graphic Design I: Lettering and Typographic Design
Crafts I: Fibers and Fabrics
Printmaking I: Introduction to Printmaking
Printmaking II: Intermediate Printmaking
Sculpture II: Intermediate
Ceramics III: Advanced
Public Space and Public Art
Sculpture III: Advanced, Materials and Techniques
Total Credits81