Health and Human Performance Major with an Emphasis in Health Promotion-Wellness, B.S.

Course Title Credits
Total for Graduation 4125-129
General Education 148-52
Major HHP Core + Health Promotion-Wellness Emphasis Courses 377

Grades of “C” or better in all courses required for admission to health promotion. Students must have a GPA of 2.75 or higher in Major and Required courses to qualify for internships. Students must have an "initial" and an "exit" physical fitness assessment, four tests each, on file in order to graduate.

Course Title Credits
General Requirements 1
General Education 148-52
HHP Required General Education Courses 1
Mathematics Competency:
Elementary Statistics
Social Sciences (6 credits in two different disciplines):
General Psychology
Natural Sciences:
Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
Physiology of Exercise 2
Additional Natural Sciences, Mathematics, or Social Sciences:
Biomechanical Kinesiology 2
HHP Major Required Core Courses 3
HHP 2020First Aid/Accident Prevention/Community CPR2
HHP 2320Introduction to Exercise Science, Health Promotion and Physical Education2
HHP 2720Anatomical Kinesiology2
HHP 2740Exercise Technique and Performance 2
HHP 3010Technology in Health and Physical Education2
HHP 3830Perceptual Motor Learning and Motor Development2
HHP 3920Emotional Health2
HHP 3950Human Nutrition3
HHP 4520Injury Prevention and Treatment2
Requirements for Health Promotion-Wellness Emphasis 3
HHP 2060Foundations of Wellness2
HHP 2140Current Trends in Health and Fitness3
HHP 3250Principles of Strength and Conditioning3
HHP 3320Worksite Wellness3
HHP 3370Fitness Testing and Prescription3
HHP 3390Lifetime and Outdoor Activities 3
HHP 3500Methods in Teaching Health Education3
HHP 3630Introduction to Exercise Science Research 3
HHP 3710Exercise Prescription for Special Population3
HHP 4040Advanced Physiology of Exercise 3
HHP 4310Private/Corporate Wellness Administration3
HHP 4410Seminar in Health Promotion3
HHP 4500Sport and Exercise Psychology 2
HHP 4620Advanced Athletic Training2
HHP 4830Exercise Science Research3
HHP 3XXXHHP Elective 3000-level or above2-3
HHP 3XXXHHP Elective 3000-level or above2-3
Required Internships 3, 4
HHP 4850Level I Wellness-Fitness Internship3
HHP 4860Level II Wellness-Fitness Internship3
HHP 4870Level III Wellness-Fitness Internship (off campus)6
Total Credits125-129

General Education requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree: HHP 2060 will meet the "Wellness" required and HHP 2740 will meet the "Physical Activity" requirement.  Required courses of BIOLOGY 2340, HHP 30202 and HHP 37202 will meet the “Natural Sciences” and the “Additional Natural Sciences, Mathematics, or Social Sciences” requirements.  Other required courses include MATH 1830 and PSYCHLGY 1130. All required general education courses must earn a “C-“ or better unless otherwise specified.


Must earn a “C” or better in HHP 3020 and HHP 3720.


Grade of “C“ or better required in all HHP courses. 


Students must have a GPA 2.75 or higher in major and required courses to qualify for the internships.  Students must have an “initial” and an “exit” physical fitness assessment, four tests each, on file in order to graduate. 120 credits or above required for all UW-Platteville majors.