Soil and Crop Science Minor

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
SCSCI 1240Introduction to Plant Science3
SCSCI 2230Soils4
SCSCI 2260Crop Production and Agroecology3
SCSCI 3200Integrated Pest Management3
SCSCI 3210Principles of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry3
Additional Soil and Crop Science Electives9
Plant Development and Biotechnology
Seed and Grain Crops
Precision Agriculture Technologies
Soil Morphology and Classification
Soil Nutrient Management
Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
Applied Agricultural Hydrology
Special Problems in Soil Science
Special Problems in Crop Science
Regional Geomorphology and Soil Classification
Soil Microbiology
Plant Breeding
Weed Science
Forage Crops
Plant Physiology
Soil and Water Conservation
Physical Properties of Soils
Undergraduate Research in Soil Science
Undergraduate Research in Crop Science
Plant Pathology
Agronomy, Horticulture and Ecological Restoration Seminar
Pre-Capstone Seminar in Plant and Soil Sciences
Capstone Experience in Plant and Soil Sciences
Total Credits25