Department of Biology


  • Biology Major, B.S., with a Minor
  • Biology Major, B.S.
    • Botany Emphasis
    • Comprehensive Emphasis
    • Ecology Emphasis
    • General Emphasis
    • Health Sciences Emphasis
    • Molecular/Genetics Emphasis
    • Nursing Emphasis
    • Secondary Education Emphasis (Non-Licensure)
    • Zoology Emphasis

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Faculty and Lecturers

Additional information about the Faculty and Lecturers below may be found in the Faculty and Academic Staff section of this catalog.

Cornett, Catherine A.

Dhyanchand, Richard

Doyle-Morin, Rebecca

Frieders, Elizabeth M.

Haasl, Ryan

Horton, Mark

Huebschman, Jeffrey J.

Klavins, Sharon D.

Levenstein, Mark E.

Olson, David J.

Peterson, John

Sifri, Nadia M.

Stankovich, Wendy S.

Trewin, Amanda L.

Weber, Wayne C.

Wright, Kristopher K.