Agricultural and Applied Engineering Technology Management Minor

Course Title Credits
Required if not taken as part of a major
AGET 1750Equipment, Structure and Power Systems3
or AETM 1530 Power Systems Technology
Required Courses
AETM 1200AC/DC Fundamentals3
or AGET 3850 Electrical Applications in Agriculture
AETM 1230Technical Drafting3
or AETM 3460 3D Industrial Production Drafting
AETM 3050Introduction to Metals Processes3
AETM 3550Fluid Power and Servo Systems3
AGET 3830Engines and Tractor Systems3
AGET 3950Soil and Water Conservation Engineering3
AGET 4690Machinery Engineering and Management3
AGET 4790Materials Handling and Energy Seminar3
AGET 4890Structures and Environmental Control3
AETMAny AETM course not taken above3
Total Credits33