Agricultural Hydrology and Water Quality Minor

Course Title Credits
Required Courses 1
SCSCI 2230Soils4
SCSCI 2260Crop Production and Agroecology3
SCSCI 3340Soil Nutrient Management3
SCSCI 3360Applied Agricultural Hydrology3
SCSCI 4350Soil and Water Conservation3
Electives, pick at least eight credits from the following8
Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
Ecology and Evolution
Freshwater Biology
Groundwater Hydrology
Environmental Chemistry Lab
Environmental Chemistry
Geographic Information Systems
Remote Sensing of the Environment
Wetland Ecology, Restoration and Management
Environmental Law
Precision Agriculture Technologies
Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
Physical Properties of Soils
Soil Microbiology
Field Methods in Agricultural Hydrology
Total Credits24

Soil and Crop Science majors are not eligible to take the Agricultural Hydrology and Water Quality minor. Those majoring in Soil and Crop Science may instead pursue an emphasis in Agricultural Hydrology and Water Quality.