Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawal from the university refers to a complete withdrawal from the university, including withdrawal from all classes for the term. This procedure is not to be confused with dropping a single course or several courses (see the explanation for dropping courses).

Students may withdraw from the university through the published deadline (the tenth week of a fall or spring semester).  Administrative withdrawal fee will be assessed as follows:

  • Withdrawals during the first five days of the semester = Full Refund less $50.00
  • Withdrawals during the second week (days 6-10) of the semester = Full Refund less $100

A late withdrawal from the university may be requested through the last day of classes but prior to final exams.

A late withdrawal from the university is permitted once during the student’s academic career. Any subsequent requests for a complete withdrawal from the university made after the published deadlines or a student requesting a late withdrawal from the university within one year of being reinstated or readmitted through the Admission and Academic Appeals Committee must obtain approval for the late withdrawal from a special faculty committee. Students considering withdrawal from the university are encouraged to consult with a staff member at Counseling Services.

To be official, any withdrawal from the university must be cleared with the Registrar’s Office.  Students who are withdrawing from all classes should consult with Counseling Services, their academic advisor, Student Housing Office, Financial Aid Office, Karrmann Library, Textbook Center and Cashier’s Office. All rented books must be returned to the Textbook Center before withdrawing from classes.  All materials from the university library must be returned and any fees and assessments must be paid.  Specific directions concerning complete withdrawal from the university may be obtained by contacting the Registrar’s Office.

If a student is prevented from a timely withdrawal from the university because of accident, injury, major physical or mental health problems, military duty or other extraordinary circumstances, an extraordinary withdrawal from the university may be permitted. Please consult with the university registrar regarding procedures and be prepared to provide documentation to justify the request.  Extraordinary withdrawals are reviewed by the Academic Review and Policy Team.