Academic Standing

Students whose academic records do not meet the minimum achievement standards of the university are placed on academic probation or suspension.

Academic Standings

For students enrolled in seven or more credits in any semester, the minimum acceptable standards for retention are as follows:

Good Standing

Cumulative g.p.a. 2.00 or higher

At Risk

Freshmen (0-29 credits) with cumulative g.p.a. of 1.80 to 1.99; cannot be “at risk” more than two semesters


Cumulative g.p.a. less than 2.00 and

  1. previous term was good standing; or
  2. freshmen who have been “at risk” for two semesters

Final Probation

Cumulative g.p.a. less than 2.00 and

  1. previous term was probation; or
  2. previous term was final probation and term g.p.a. is greater than 2.00; may continue on final probation twice


Any semester with a term g.p.a. less than 1.00 or previous term was final probation and criteria to continue on final probation are not met

For students enrolled in six credits or less in any semester:

Part-time students enrolled for six credits or less in the given semester who previously have been in good standing (no probations) with the university who are enrolled in a total of six or fewer credits at the beginning of a semester and who obtain a semester G.P.A. of less than 1.0 will not be dismissed from the university, but will be placed on academic probation.

Part-time students enrolled for six credits or less in the given semester and who have earned at least 12 cumulative credits with UW-Platteville and who have a cumulative G.P.A. below 2.0 will be placed on university probation.

The student can be removed from probation by raising their cumulative G.P.A. to 2.0 (or above) within the next 12 credits of their enrollment. If after the additional 12 credits the cumulative G.P.A. is still below 2.0, the student is dismissed from the university.

Suspension for One Semester

Students are suspended (dismissed) from the university for one semester under the following conditions.

  1. Any student earning a semester grade point average less than 1.00 regardless of the cumulative grade point average; or
  2. Any student on final probation whose cumulative grade point average is less than 2.00 and a) has a semester grade point average less than 2.00 or b) has already continued on final probation two times; or
  3. Any student who has not satisfied remedial course requirements after earning 60 credits.

Suspension for One Year

Students who have been suspended (dismissed), readmitted or reinstated, and again fail to earn the required grade point average, are not eligible to apply for readmission until a period of one year has elapsed. Students who have three or more suspensions from the university must appeal their reinstatement/readmission to the Admission and Academic Appeals Committee after another period of one year has elapsed.

Reinstatement to Good Standing

Students achieving cumulative grade point averages of 2.00 or higher are reinstated to good standing. Students are, of course, expected to make diligent progress in the pursuit of a degree. The standards outlined in the Financial Aid section of this bulletin are the stipulated guidelines for satisfactory academic progress for UW-Platteville students.

Summer Term Academic Standing

For continuing or readmitted students, the academic standing at the end of the summer term will either remain as the prior academic standing on record or can be improved based on standing policies above.  For new freshmen or transfer students whose first term is summer, the following rules apply:

Good Standing 2.00 g.p.a or higher

At Risk 1.80 to 1.99 gpa; less than 30 credits at start of term

First Probation 0.00 to 1.79 g.p.a. (less than 30 credits earned) or 0.00 to 1.99 g.p.a. (greater than 30 credits earned)

Veterans Benefits and Academic Standing

The Veterans Administration requires that students receiving educational entitlement from the VA must be reported to the VA if they continue in school for a second probationary semester. Educational entitlement may be terminated by the VA until such students have been counseled by VA personnel.