Class Attendance

Class attendance is taken very seriously at UW-Platteville, for education is much more than a matter of tests, readings, examinations and papers. Through lectures and discussions, the subject of a particular course is investigated in depth and explored in its many ramifications; through interaction in the classroom (and outside of it) the many aspects of a given course come together and are synthesized into a coherent whole. Such an educational experience demands reciprocal commitments from faculty to students and from students to faculty.

The administration and faculty assume students will attend classes regularly, and teachers are expected to keep records of attendance in their classes. Those instructors who set limits on unexcused absences will inform students of their absence policies in writing and orally at the beginning of the semester. Students are responsible for all work missed through unexcused absence. Instructors are not obligated to seek out or counsel students concerning absenteeism or to allow such students any special consideration.

When students wish to participate in field trips or other extracurricular or cocurricular activities, prior approval must be obtained from the instructors of classes that will be missed. Students should contact the instructors when they return to classes, and of course, they are expected to make up any missed work.

A student who is absent from class should notify instructors as soon as possible (either by phone, e-mail or in person). Notifying instructors and arranging make-up work is the responsibility of the student. If contact with instructors cannot be made directly, the student should call the academic department involved. This information is available in the Campus online phonebook. If an absence is medical related and requires treatment from Student Health Services, they may be reached at 608.342.1891.

In serious situations where the student is incapacitated and temporarily unable to contact instructors, family members may contact the Dean of Students Office at 608.342.1854 for assistance with these matters. The Dean of Students Office would then provide notification (not verification) of the absence to the instructors involved. However, arrangements for make-up work, make-up exams, etc., are the responsibility of the student.

Note: Neither Student Health Services nor the Dean of Students provides excuses for absences from class.

If students have questions or need consultation regarding specific situations, they are encouraged to contact their instructor or the academic department involved.