Professional Studies Major, B.S.

Course Title Credits
General Requirements
General Education 1
Communication/Leadership Requirement9
Choose 9 credits:
Business Communication
Leadership and Management
Organizational Behavior
Basic Newswriting and Reporting
Writing for Electronic Media
Technical Writing
Writing, Editing, and Publishing in Multiple Media
Training and Supervision
Speech Communication for Professionals
Communication & Leadership in Small Groups
Interpersonal Communication
Applied Experience3-4
Students must complete an approved capstone, internship, or co-op course in consultation with their advisor. The capstone may originate from nearly any academic area as long as it provides an opportunity to demonstrate integrated knowledge across the student’s focus area.
Focus Area or Minor24
BSPS students must declare an accompanying university minor or individualized focus area totaling 24 credits. 2,3,4

The general education world languages requirement may be waived for online degree students (exclusions may apply).


At least 12 credits of the minor or focus area must be upper division.


Coursework in the minor or focus area may not fulfill a BSPS core requirement. Courses that fulfill both a general education and a minor or focus area requirement are permissible.


If a minor is less than 24 credits, the student must take additional coursework in consultation with their academic advisor to reach 24 credits. Courses for an individualized focus area are determined in consultation with the academic advisor.

Early Childhood Education Administration Focus Area

Course Title Credits
ECE Administrator Credential15
ECED 4330Administration/Supervision in Early Childhood Programs: Roles and Responsibilities3
ECED 4340Operations Management in Early Childhood Programs3
ECED 4350Early Childhood Programs and the External Environment3
ECED 4360Financial Management and Planning in Early Childhood Programs3
ECED 4370Best Practices for Children and Families in Early Childhood Programs3
ECE Leadership Credential9
ECED 4500Personal Disposition of a Leader3
ECED 4520Leading in Your Program3
ECED 4540Leading in the Community and the Field3

ECED 4530 Administrative Seminar from the Administrator Credential may be used to fulfill the capstone requirement in the B.S. Professional Studies core.


ECED 4560 Leading for Change from the Leadership Credential may be used to fulfill three credits of the "Communication and Leadership" competency in the B.S. Professional Studies core.

Management Focus Area

Course Title Credits
Management Courses24
Select 24 credits:
Introduction to Marketing
Introduction to Human Resource Management
Business Law
Small Business Management
Talent Development
Organizational Behavior
Quality Management
International Management
Production Planning and Control

Individualized Focus Area

An individualized Focus area must be at least 24 credits, 12 credits of which must be upper division.  The focus area will be developed in consultation with the academic advisor.