School of Business Certificates

Although any course taken at UW-Platteville will be noted on a student's transcript, certificates offered through the School of Business will not be a transcripted credential nor will the certificate be a declared sub-program in a student’s academic plan (i.e. PASS). The business-related certificates are generally intended for those pursuing a degree outside of the School of Business or seeking professional development without the intention of earning a degree. Courses completed in fulfillment of the certificate may be redirected toward progress in a business-related degree but a student may not earn both a business-related degree (major or minor) and a business-related certificate.

A "certificate of completion" will be printed within the School of Business upon completion of the required courses. It is the student's responsibility to request issuance of the certificate within one year of completing all of the courses.

Certificate Requirements

  • Students pursuing any business-related certificate must complete at least 9 credits that are unique to the certificate and unduplicated with required courses in any other major, minor, emphasis, or concentration.
  • Substitutions may be allowed, in consultation with the Director of the School of Business, in the event that a certificate course is duplicated with another major, minor, emphasis, or concentration.
  • Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses required for the certificate.
  • All courses must be taken under the direction of UW-Platteville faculty. Transferred courses are not allowed. 

Certificate Programs

Human Resource Management *

Build the knowledge to staff an organization, train and pay employees, maintain a safe and healthy work environment, and collaborate with labor unions. Study the legal issues affecting human resource management, including equal employment opportunity and harassment.

Course Title Credits
BUSADMIN 3030Introduction to Human Resource Management3
BUSADMIN 3100Total Rewards3
BUSADMIN 4200Talent Acquisition3
Total Credits9

International Business *

Learn to manage an enterprise engaged in international business, including a study of the economic, financial, and legal environments of international business, trade issues and corporate strategies, international investments and international corporate finance, the foreign exchange market, determination of interest rates, international banking, international capital markets, and international marketing management.

Course Title Credits
BUSADMIN 1300Global Business3
BUSADMIN 3650International Finance3
BUSADMIN 3720International Marketing3
Total Credits9

Leadership and Human Performance *

Learn to lead and motivate employees, work effectively in teams, successfully manage conflict, and continuously improve the quality of an organization’s product and/or services.

Course Title Credits
BUSADMIN 2330Leadership and Management3
BUSADMIN 3530Organizational Behavior3
BUSADMIN 3540Quality Management3
Total Credits9

Marketing *

Gain the tools to anticipate and manage consumer demand by analyzing distribution, production, promotion, and price planning. Learn to create a marketing policy and manage the entire marketing function.

Course Title Credits
BUSADMIN 2630Introduction to Marketing3
BUSADMIN 3740Consumer Behavior3
BUSADMIN 4630Marketing Management3
Total Credits9

Certificate is available at the Platteville campus and online through the Distance Learning campus.