Mathematics Minor in Secondary Education (Non-Licensure)*

Students must earn a minimum of 24 credits in mathematics by completing all of the following required courses:

Course Title Credits
MATH 2640Calculus and Analytic Geometry I4
MATH 2730Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 2740Calculus and Analytic Geometry II4
MATH 2840Calculus and Analytic Geometry III4
MATH 3230Linear Algebra3
MATH 4030Statistical Methods with Applications3
MATH 4210College Geometry3
Required Courses Not Included in the 24 Credit Minimum
MATH 3020Teaching of Mathematics in the Middle and Secondary School3
COMPUTER 1430Introduction to Computer Programming3
Select one of the following:4-5
General Chemistry I
Chemistry for Engineers
General Physics I
Total Credits34-35

*Completion of this minor does not lead to licensure.  Please contact the School of Education with further questions.

**Mathematics Residency Requirement
A student minoring in mathematics must complete at least 6 upper-level credits in mathematics at UW-Platteville.  These credits must be from courses numbered above 3100, with the exception that MATH 2730 may be part of the 6 credits.  The 6 credits completed at UW-Platteville may include repeats of courses taken at another campus.