Data Science Major, B.S.

Data Science majors must earn a minimum of 60 credits subject to the restrictions outlined below.

Core Requirements:

Course Title Credits
MATH 1830Elementary Statistics3
MATH 2130Discrete Structures3
or MATH 2730 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 2640Calculus and Analytic Geometry I4
MATH 2740Calculus and Analytic Geometry II4
MATH 3230Linear Algebra3
MATH 4030Statistical Methods with Applications3
MATH 4050Applied Regression Analysis3
STAT 2030Data Visualization and Analysis3
COMPUTER 1430Introduction to Computer Programming3
COMPUTER 2430Object-Oriented Programming3
COMPUTER 3630Database Design and Implementation3
GEOGRPHY 3230Geographic Information Systems4
DATASCI 2010Data Science I3
DATASCI 2510Data Science II - Intermediate Data Science3
DATASCI 3010Data Science Ethics3
DATASCI 4900Data Science Capstone3

Focus Area Requirement (a minimum of 9 credits in one of the following areas):

Biology - Molecular/Genetics

Course Title Credits
BIOLOGY 3330Genetics3
GEOGRPHY 3340Biogeography4
BIOLOGY 3470Systematics and Evolutionary Analysis3

Biology - Ecological

Course Title Credits
BIOLOGY 3450Ecology and Evolution3
BIOLOGY 3460Ecological Methods and Research3
GEOGRPHY 3340Biogeography4


Course Title Credits
STAT 3230Experimental Design and Analysis3
STAT 4130Applied Categorical Data Analysis3
STAT 4230Applied Nonparametric Statistics3
MATH 3730Numerical Analysis3

Business (a minor in Business is recommended for this focus area)

Course Title Credits
BUSADMIN 3640Financial Markets and Institutions3
BUSADMIN 3700Marketing Research3
BUSADMIN 3930Investments3
BUSADMIN 4030Financial Decision Making3
BUSADMIN 4120Operations Management3
BUSADMIN 4170Predictive Analytics3


Course Title Credits
GEOGRPHY 3520Remote Sensing of the Environment3
GEOGRPHY 4040Python for GIS3
GEOGRPHY 4330Advanced Geographic Information Systems4

Computer Science

Course Title Credits
COMPUTER 2630Data Structures3
COMPUTER 3030Artificial Intelligence3
COMPUTER 4030Machine Learning3

Additional Requirement: Cumulative GPA of 2.5 minimum.

Recommended: Internship or Undergraduate Research Experience