Associate of Science in Food and Agriculture

Course Title Credits
General Education Requirements: Maximum 54 credits 1
Writing, Speaking, Math, Physical Education and First Year Experience Competencies: Minimum 14 credits
ENGLISH 1130College Writing I3-4
or ENGLISH 1040 Studio College Writing I
ENGLISH 1230College Writing II3
SPEECH 1010Oral Communication for Professionals2
MATH 1830Elementary Statistics3
HHP 1000Fitness Assessment and Management1-2
or HHP 1650 Fitness for Life
HHP 1010-1450Physical Activity1
AGBUS 1000Agribusiness Professional Development I1
Foreign Language: Maximum 4 credits 20-4
Humanities and Fine Arts: 9 credits
HumanitiesThree-Credit Course3
Fine ArtsThree-Credit Course3
HistoryThree-Credit Course3
Social Sciences: 6 credits
Social ScienceThree-Credit Course3
Social ScienceThree-Credit Course3
Natural Sciences: 4 credits (Must have a lab experience)
Natural ScienceThree-Credit Course4
International Education/Ethnic Studies/Gender Studies: 3-9 credits3-9
AGBUS 2330World Population, Food and Resources (International Education)3
Ethnic StudiesThree-Credit Course
Gender StudiesThree-Credit Course
Approved 2-Course Sequence: 6 credits
Course OneThree-Credit Course3
Course TwoThree-Credit Course3
Food and Agriculture: 22 credits
AGBUS 1500Introduction to Agribusiness3
AGBUS 2430Agricultural Marketing3
AGBUS 3410Agricultural Consulting and Sales3
ANSCI 1000Introduction to Animal Science3
SCSCI 1240Introduction to Plant Science3
or ENVHORT 1240 Introduction to Plant Science
AGRIC 2000First-Year Internship in Food and Agriculture1
Electives: Complete at least 6 credits 36
Producer and Consumer Cooperatives
Feeds and Feeding
Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals
Introduction to Reclamation & Restoration
Integrated Pest Management
Total Credits62