Associate of Science in Food and Agriculture

Course Title Credits
General Education Requirements: Maximum 54 credits 1
Writing, Speaking, Math, Wellness, and Physical Activity Competencies: Minimum 14 credits
ENGLISH 1130College Writing I3-4
or ENGLISH 1040 Studio College Writing I
ENGLISH 1230College Writing II3
SPEECH 1060Speech Communication for Professionals3
MATH 1830Elementary Statistics3
HHP 1000Fitness Assessment and Management1-2
or HHP 1650 Fitness for Life
HHP 1010-1450Physical Activity1
AGBUS 1000Agribusiness Professional Development I1
World Languages: Maximum 4 credits 20-4
Humanities, Fine Arts, and Historical Perspectives: 9 credits
HumanitiesThree-Credit Course3
Fine ArtsThree-Credit Course3
HistoryThree-Credit Course3
Social Sciences: 6 credits
Social ScienceThree-Credit Course3
Social ScienceThree-Credit Course3
Natural Sciences: 4 credits (Must have a lab experience)
Natural ScienceThree-Credit Course4
Global Studies/Ethnic Studies/Gender Studies: 3-9 credits3-9
AGBUS 2330World Population, Food and Resources (Global Studies)3
Ethnic StudiesThree-Credit Course
Gender StudiesThree-Credit Course
Approved 2-Course Sequence: 6 credits
Course OneThree-Credit Course3
Course TwoThree-Credit Course3
Food and Agriculture: 22 credits
AGBUS 1500Introduction to Agribusiness3
AGBUS 2430Agricultural Marketing3
AGBUS 3410Agricultural Consulting and Sales3
ANSCI 1000Introduction to Animal Science3
SCSCI 1240Introduction to Plant Science3
AGRIC 2000First-Year Internship in Food and Agriculture1
Electives: Complete at least 6 credits 36
Producer and Consumer Cooperatives
Feeds and Feeding
Topics in Animal Health & Welfare
Introduction to Ecological Restoration and Resource Management
Integrated Pest Management
Total Credits62

All courses may not be available at all campuses and/or in all formats.


World Languages may be satisfied with 1 year High School world language with a C or better average or 1-2 semesters college level world language with a C or better (4 credits total).


Additional electives may be required to reach the 62 credit minimum.