Bachelor of Arts Degree or Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree General Education

(39-56 CREDITS)

ENTRY- Entry Year Experience (1 credit)

(Required of all students who enter UW-Platteville with fewer than 30 credits excluding test credits or credit earned in high school)

Competency Requirements

The competency requirements are met by taking approved courses in the areas of communication (English composition and speech), mathematics, wellness, physical activity and foreign language.

English Composition (6-7 credits)

Students’ UW System English Placement Test scores determine whether or not they will be invited to take the test-out for ENGLISH 1130. Except for qualified students who test out of ENGLISH 1130, students must take each of the courses in the freshman composition sequence.  The ENGLISH 1130 requirement is waived for transfer students with transcripted credit for College Writing II (ENGLISH 1230​), plus 60 or more total transfer credits at the time of admission.

Foreign Language (0-8 credits)

Students must complete one of the following:  1) A minimum of two years (4 semesters) of high school foreign language courses in the same language with a C or better average in the second year (or higher); or 2) Completion of the second semester (or higher) in a university-level foreign language with a grade of "C" or better.  Students with one or more years of high school language may wish to test into a higher level course.  Retroactive credits may be earned.  Refer to Credit by Examination or Prior Learning for additional information. 

Students already fluent in a second language other than French, German or Spanish should consult with the UW-Platteville Humanities Department.  The general education foreign language requirement is waived for international students. 

Speech (2-3 credits)

Mathematics (3 credits)

The number of mathematics credits required of students will vary with the degree they are completing. UW System Mathematics Placement Test results will establish a student’s level of mathematics proficiency, and suggest which course the student preparatory/remedial mathematics courses to meet the prerequisite MATH 1620 or higher mandate. Also, the mathematics requirement will be waived for students who receive credit for MATH 2640. Students must meet the mathematics competency requirements before their junior year. Students may consult the UW-Platteville Mathematics Department for details concerning test-out credit.

Wellness (1 credit)

Physical Activity (1 credit)

Humanities (HUMAN) (3 credits)

Fine Arts (FINE A) (3 credits)

Historical Perspectives (HIST P) (3 credits)

Additional Credits in Humanities, Fine Arts, or Historical Perspectives (6 credits)

Students must complete six additional credits in courses numbered 2000 or higher from two different areas.  Refer to course listings above.

Social Sciences (SOC SC) (6 credits)

Courses must be taken from two different disciplines from approved courses in agriculture, media, criminal justice, economics, energy, ethnic studies, geography, political science, psychology, sociology, speech, and women’s and gender studies.

Natural Sciences (NAT SC) (4 credits)

Course must be selected from the approved listing and include both a lecture and laboratory experience.  Many courses include both; however, some natural science courses require separate enrollment in the lecture and laboratory sections. 

International Education (INT ED) (0-3 credits)

In addition to courses approved for international education, the international education requirement may be satisfied through documented coursework undertaken through participation in foreign exchange programs or study abroad programs. Short term visits of less than six weeks duration and/or trips undertaken primarily for tourism or recreational purposes may not be used to fulfill this requirement. At least three credits must be taken to satisfy the international education requirement.  Other liberal arts courses may also be designated as international education.

Ethnic and Gender Studies (ETHNIC, GENDER, ETHNIC/GENDER) (0-6 credits)

Students can take one three-credit course counting for both ethnic and gender studies or take six credits, one three credit course counting for ethnic studies and one three credit course counting for gender studies. Alternatively, other liberal arts courses may be designated as ethnic or gender studies.  Special Topics courses may or may not count toward this requirement depending on course content. 

Additional B.A. Requirements

Some majors include additional B.A. core requirements within their major requirements.  Many of those will fulfill requirements listed above.  Please refer to your major requirements for additional information.