Associate of Science in Business Administration

Course Title Credits
General Education Requirements: 30-36 credits 1
Writing, Speaking, Math, and Physical Education Competencies: Minimum 14 credits
ENGLISH 1130College Writing I3-4
or ENGLISH 1040 Studio College Writing I
ENGLISH 1230College Writing II3
MATH 1830Elementary Statistics3
HHP 1000Fitness Assessment and Management1-2
or HHP 1650 Fitness for Life
HHP 1010-1450Physical Activity (Online students take HHP 1280)1
SPEECH 1060Speech Communication for Professionals3
World Languages: Maximum 4 credits 20-4
Humanities; Fine Arts; Historical Perspectives: 9 credits
HumanitiesPHLSPHY 2550 recommended for branch campus students3
Fine ArtsThree-Credit Course3
HistoryThree-Credit Course3
Social Sciences: 6 credits
Social ScienceECONOMIC 2130 recommended3
Social ScienceECONOMIC 2230 recommended3
Natural Sciences: 4 credits
Natural ScienceMust be a lab course4
Global Studies/Ethnic Studies/Gender Studies: 3-9 credits3-9
Global StudiesBUSADMIN 1300 recommended
Ethnic StudiesBUSADMIN 3340 recommended
Gender StudiesBUSADMIN 3340 recommended
Business Administration: 28 credits
Required 2-course Approved Sequence: 6 credits
ACCTING 2010Financial Accounting3
ACCTING 2020Management Accounting3
Other Required Courses: 22 credits
BUSADMIN 1300Global Business (also counts as Global Studies)3
BUSADMIN 2010Business Communication3
BUSADMIN 2100Supply Chain Management3
BUSADMIN 2330Leadership and Management3
BUSADMIN 2630Introduction to Marketing3
ECONOMIC 2130Principles of Macroeconomics (also counts toward Social Science requirement)3
ECONOMIC 2230Principles of Microeconomics (also counts toward Social Science requirement)3
BUSADMIN 1810Microsoft Excel for Business1
Electives: must reach the 62 credit minimum 30-4
Total Credits62

All courses may not be available at all campuses and/or in all formats.


World Languages may be satisfied with 1 year High School world language with a C or better average or 1-2 semesters college level world language with a C or better (4 credits total); may be waived for online degree students (exclusions may apply).  


Additional electives may be required to reach the 62 credit minimum.