Associate of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Course Title Credits
General Education
First Year Experience, Writing, Speaking, Math and Physical Education Competencies: 14-16 credits
UWPSTUDY 1010Introduction to College Life1
ENGLISH 1130College Writing I3-4
or ENGLISH 1040 Studio College Writing I
ENGLISH 1230College Writing II3
SPEECH 1010Oral Communication for Professionals2
MATH 1830Elementary Statistics3
HHP 1000Fitness Assessment and Management1-2
or HHP 1650 Fitness for Life
HHP 1010-1450Physical Activity
Foreign Language: Maximum 4 credits 10-4
Humanities; Fine Arts; Historical Perspectives: 9 credits
HumanitiesPHLSPHY 2550 strongly recommended3
Fine ArtsThree-Credit Course3
HistoryThree-Credit Course3
Social Sciences: 6 credits
ECONOMIC 2130Principles of Macroeconomics (Social Science)3
ECONOMIC 2230Principles of Microeconomics (Social Science)3
Natural Sciences: 4 credits
Natural ScienceMust be a lab course4
International Education/Ethnic Studies/Gender Studies: 3-9 credits
International EducationBUSADMIN 1300 required3
Ethnic StudiesBUSADMIN 3340 recommended3
Gender StudiesBUSADMIN 3340 recommended3
Major Courses: 14 credits
BUSADMIN 1010Principles of Hospitality Organizational Management3
BUSADMIN 1220Principles of Food Service Operations3
BUSADMIN 1350Lodging Systems3
BUSADMIN 2610Hospitality Employee Supervision3
BUSADMIN 2990Early Internship1
BUSADMIN 1810Microsoft Excel for Business1
Required 2-course Approved Sequence: 6 credits
ACCTING 2010Financial Accounting3
ACCTING 2020Management Accounting3
Elective Courses 2
BUSADMIN 2100Supply Chain Management (Recommended) 33
BUSADMIN 2630Introduction to Marketing (Recommended) 33
BUSADMIN 2010Business Communication (Recommended) 33
Total Credits 462