Textbook Center

Location: 029 Doudna Hall, Lower Level
Phone: 608.342.1265
Website: https://uwplatt.sharepoint.com/sites/TextbookCenter

The Textbook Center aids students by furnishing textbooks in a cost-efficient manner through a textbook rental service.  This provides students a more affordable avenue of textbook usage than that of buying texts for each course. Textbook rental fees are listed as Segregated Fees Part B on student invoices.  Students may purchase their rented textbooks--most active titles are offered for sale to currently enrolled students year-round. All books purchased during sale times are discounted. Students are also able to use the Textbook Center as a resource center after the first three weeks of classes.

Note: The Textbook Center will not ship textbooks internationally. International students will need to secure all required textbooks and course materials for their courses and will need to complete the Segregated Fee Waiver Application each term.  Collaborative Degree Program courses are also excluded from the textbook rental service.