Student Advising and Academic Resources (STARS)

Associate Director: Amy Foley
Location: Pioneer Tower, 7th Floor
Phone: 608.342.1081

Academic Advising

Students in select majors will receive individual guidance from our academic advisors in course selection, major exploration and degree planning.  Our staff also serve students who are in transition from one major to another or those who would like additional assistance in developing a degree plan. Our Academic Advisors are also Academic Success Coaches who assist students in their overall experience, helping them to succeed while at UW-Platteville.

Academic Success Coaching

An academic success coach can help students examine their academic concerns or perceived barriers to success.  The coach provides guidance in areas like time management, procrastination, test preparation, study strategies and goal setting.  Working with each student’s individual needs, the coach helps to develop a plan of action for academic success.  This service is available for students at any stage in their academic career, from first semester through graduation.

Support for Students in Transition

Student transitions, such as the first year of college, a change of major, a transfer experience, academic recovery, or re-entry to the university, are pivotal moments that require dedicated resources and support.  STARS facilitates the New Student Experience and provides individualized success teams comprised of academic advisors, academic success coaches and peer mentors to help students thrive.

Academic Intervention

Academic intervention provides a timely opportunity to resolve academic issues that may affect a student’s success. The STARS team regularly reaches out to students with reminders or connections to learning resources. The Early Alert system allows instructors to identify students who are presenting patterns that may lead to academic difficulty in their courses. Our office collaborates with other campus resources/professionals to provide proactive assistance to students and help them succeed in all areas.


Our university utilizes Navigate Staff, a student success platform designed to help all students reach their full potential through faculty and staff support. In addition to helping advisors with communication and record keeping, Navigate Staff is used by faculty to record academic alerts, which direct students to free resources such as academic success coaching, tutoring, or writing help, so that students can do their best work.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by UW-Platteville to promote academic success, including Navigate Student, a mobile tool to help students remain engaged, proactive, and organized.

The following programs have centers located on the 1st floor of Karrmann Library:

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services provides individual and drop-in tutoring in a variety of courses. Tutoring provides an opportunity for students to engage in collaborative learning conversations that will clarify course material, increase retention of critical concepts, improve study habits and assist in achieving academic goals. Appointments can be made using Navigate Student and are available both virtually and in-person.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers individual sessions with experienced fellow writers trained to consult on classroom assignments and other writing-related projects. Students can receive support and feedback at any stage in the writing process and for courses in any discipline. Appointments can be made using Navigate Student and are available both virtually and in-person.

Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program connects new students (mentees) with an upper-level student (mentor) to assist with the transition to UW-Platteville. Mentors serve as guides, role models, facilitators, and advocates, drawing from their personal knowledge and experiences to support mentees academically and socially during the acclimation to life in college.