Information Technology Services provides for the communication, academic, adaptive, and computing technology needs of the university community. Eager to assist students in the use of computing technology, ITS strongly encourages each student to make use of the excellent resources available on campus. ITS provides computer and classroom technology support, including video streaming for classes and an increasing number of collaborative spaces.  ITS manages and maintains the Pioneer Administrative Software System (PASS). It is our goal that you will find your experiences working with or for ITS both educational and rewarding, now and in the future.


The ITS Help Desk on the first floor of Karrmann Library is the first point of contact for faculty, staff, and students with campus technology problems and questions. In addition, the Help Desk provides limited fee-based services to students in the residence halls.

Contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or or stop by during regular business hours. You may visit our website at or follow us on Facebook at


The ITS Help Desk loans laptops, cameras, digital still cameras, video projectors, and a variety of audio recorders to students for a limited time.

General Computer Access Labs (GCA)

Located in the Markee Pioneer Student Center and Karrmann Library, GCA labs are available to all students from early morning to late night during the school term. Labs make available both PC and Macintosh systems, a variety of academic and productive software, and laser printers. The Virtual Bears Den allows students to access GCA software and their network drives from anywhere they have Internet access.

Wireless Network

ITS manages the wireless network for the campus, providing access for wireless-enabled devices. All of the academic buildings and residence halls on campus have wireless access capabilities. Exterior coverage is expanding.

Campus Wiring Infrastructure

Every residence hall room and every classroom building have the wiring necessary for complete network and Internet access. The ITS Help Desk provides support for residence hall network access.

Internet Access

Each student receives a unique NetID and password that provides access to the UW- Platteville email, computer network, and many campus resources. Students may access the Internet in any lab, via wireless, or through a wired connection in the residence hall rooms.

Cable Television Services

Media Technology Services, a unit of ITS, provides support for the television cable system in the residence halls.  Students may need a television with a built-in QAM tuner or an external QAM tuner box. Each student is also required to bring their own COAX cable to plug into the jack in the wall.  If you are having issues with picture clarity or sound, call the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400.

Student Technology AdvisORY Committee (STAC)

ITS advises the Student Technology Advisory Committee (STAC).  STAC is charged with prioritizing and recommending projects for disbursement of the Student technology fee. The Student Technology Fee provides funds for increasing student access to technological resources and equipment that are needed in support of instruction and to maintain and enhance the technological competency of students as it relates to their academic endeavors.  Call the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 to volunteer to be part of this committee.

Student Employment

Students play an important role in the operation of this service unit.  ITS hires more than 60 students each semester.  We offer great opportunities for our student workers to get involved and engaged on campus.  We work closely with our employees to create a work schedule that is flexible and accommodating.  With the wide variety of services that our department offers, no two shifts are ever the same!