Pioneer Involvement Center (PIC)

Location: 1st floor of the Markee Pioneer Student Center
Phone: 608.342.1075

The Pioneer Involvement Center (PIC) is on the first floor of the Markee Pioneer Student Center (MPSC). The space includes large work tables, general access computers, and a collaborative station including computer attachments and a dry erase board perfect for students to work independently or with a group. Comfortable furniture and a friendly environment provide a relaxed hangout atmosphere.

The mission of the Pioneer Involvement Center is: to create collaborative, co-curricular programs, events, and processes to support student leadership, involvement, and volunteer experiences contributing to student retention and encouraging inclusivity.

Programs, services, and resources are provided to promote student involvement in student organizations, student governance, Fraternity and Sorority Life, volunteer experiences, and leadership development.

Research indicates student involved during their collegiate years are more satisfied with their campus experiences,  more successful academically, learn time management skills, are more likely to complete their degree program, and engage in activities that promote their physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

The Pioneer Involvement Center offers strategies to connect students to a wide variety of involvement opportunities. Being involved builds self-esteem and keeps you informed of local activities and events.

The PIC staff is dedicated to strengthening Leadership, Involvement, and Volunteer Experiences to assist students with building skills. Many opportunities exist for students seeking individual or group experiences. The staff will assist you in finding your niche.