Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor

The Entrepreneurship minor is designed for students in any major who are interested in developing their ideas either by starting their own business or working within a company. All that is required is an entrepreneurial spirit.

Course Title Credits
Required Courses12
Social Context of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship 1
Startup Launchpad
New Venture Planning: Social, Commercial, Scientific and Artistic Ventures
New Venture Operations
Required Business Courses9
Leadership and Management
Introduction to Agribusiness
Introduction to Marketing
Agricultural Marketing
Small Business Management
The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor requires completion of a total of at least nine credits that are entirely unique to the minor, i.e. unduplicated with another major or minor. In the event that additional unique courses are needed, you may choose from the following:
Entrepreneurship Field Experience
Business & Entrepreneurship Experiential Learning
Total Credits21

Also counts as a social science general education