Fine Arts B.A./B.S. with an Art Education Emphasis

Course Title Credits
Required Courses 1,2
ART 1010Drawing I: Basic Drawing3
ART 2310Drawing II: Styles3
ART 3310Drawing III: Figure Drawing3
ART 1410Painting I: Beginning Painting3
ART 2410Painting II: Intermediate Painting3
ART 1420Basic Design I: 2-D3
ART 1520Basic Design II: 3-D3
ART 2510Sculpture I: Basic3
ART 2140Art History I: Ancient and Medieval3
ART 2210Art History II: Renaissance to Modern3
ART 334020th c. Art History: Modern to Contemporary (or an Advanced Art History Course higher than 3400)3
or ART 3530 East Asian Art
or ART 3740 History of Graphic Design
or ART 3770 Native American Art
or ART 3930 19th C. Art History
ART 2220Printmaking I: Introduction to Printmaking3
ART 4230Theory of Art3
ART 1740Introduction to Digital Media3
ART 2920Fiber Arts I: Intro to Fibers and Fabric3
ART 2520Ceramics I3
ART 4930Presentation and Marketing2
ART 4950Senior Art Show1
ART 4530Art Education Methods3
Electives: Select 3 Additional Credits in Art 1
Total Credits57

A 2.75 G.P.A. in the major is required for graduation.  


Students pursuing teaching certification complete the appropriate teaching licensure requirements.