Science Education Major, B.S.

The Science Education major is designed to prepare students for teaching certification in the area of science.  Students not interested in teaching should consult an academic advisor before selecting this major.

The requirements for an interdepartmental Science Education major include:

  • Core coursework in five science areas plus environmental conservation.
  • In-depth concentrations in two science areas or else a science minor or a science or engineering double-major.
  • Students pursuing teaching certification must select the Science Education major with Education emphasis and complete the appropriate teaching licensure requirements.
  • Secondary Education students must earn a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the major to student teach.  If you earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 in your major then you will not have to take the Praxis II content exam.
  • The UW-Platteville School of Education program is designed to meet all of the educational requirements for the initial licensing in the State of Wisconsin. The program may not meet requirements of other states and we are unable to make a determination about whether the program meets requirements of other states. If you are interested in certification outside of the state of Wisconsin, we encourage you to contact the appropriate state licensing agency to seek guidance and verify requirements before beginning a program, as well as during your program of study. See Professional Licensure Directory by State.
Course Title Credits
The Unity of Life
The Diversity of Life
General Chemistry I
Chemistry for Engineers
General Chemistry II
Earth and Space Science8
Introductory Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies
Introductory Astronomy: The Solar System
Introductory Astronomy Lab
Planet Earth
Introductory Physics I
General Physics I
Principles of Physics
Environmental Conservation Requirement3
Environmental Conservation
Science Concentration, Minor, or Double-Major14 or more
Select approved concentrations in two of the science areas (described below) or select one minor in Biology, Chemistry or Environmental Science or complete a second major in Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science and Conservation, Industrial and Systems Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.
UW-Platteville Core Curriculum29 or more
Required of all students to graduate. Number of credits depends on placement exams, high school coursework, and elective choices.
Total Credits76 or more

Approved Concentrations

Biology Concentration

Course Title Credits
BIOLOGY 1650The Unity of Life5
BIOLOGY 1750The Diversity of Life5
BIOLOGY 2340Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology4
BIOLOGY 3330Genetics3
BIOLOGY 3450Ecology and Evolution3
Total Credits20

Chemistry Concentration

Course Title Credits
CHEMSTRY 1140General Chemistry I4
CHEMSTRY 1240General Chemistry II4
CHEMSTRY 2150Quantitative Analysis4
CHEMSTRY 3510Organic Chemistry I Lab 1
CHEMSTRY 3540Organic Chemistry I4
Total Credits17

Earth and Space Science Concentration

Course Title Credits
ASTRON 1310Introductory Astronomy Lab1
ASTRON 1340Introductory Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies3
or ASTRON 1350 Introductory Astronomy: The Solar System
ENVSS 1040Planet Earth4
GEOLOGY 1140Physical Geology3-4
or ENVSS 3140 Global Landforms
or GEOLOGY 3130 Geology for Engineers
ENVSS 3240Meteorology4
GEOLOGY 3430Hydrogeology3
or ENVSS 3340 Biogeography
or ENVSS 4150 Global Environmental Change
Total Credits18-19

Physics Concentration

Course Title Credits
PHYSICS 2240General Physics I4
PHYSICS 2340General Physics II4
GENENG 2130Engineering Mechanics-Statics3
GENENG 2230Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics3
GENENG 2630Basic Thermoscience for Engineers3
or MECHENG 2630 Thermodynamics
or GENENG 2930 Applications of Electrical Engineering
or ELECTENG 1210 Circuit Modeling I
Total Credits17