Technology and Engineering Education Major, B.S.

Coursework in the major includes general university requirements, professional education requirements and technology education requirements. An option is available for students interested in qualifying for dual certification in both agricultural education and technology education; please see your advisor for details.

Course Title Credits
General Requirements
General Education40-53
Professional Education Requirements 1
TEACHING 1230Introduction to Education2
TEACHING 2130Human Growth and Development3
TEACHING 2170Foundations of Educational Technology3
TEACHING 3070Meeting Content & Language Needs of English Language Learners3
TEACHING 3320Introduction to Inclusion3
TEACHING 3440Equity Education & Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in the Multicultural Classroom3
TEACHING 3730Instructional Design and Assessment3
TEACHING 4210Pre-Student Teaching at Middle/Secondary Level2
TEACHING 4660Student Teaching K-1212
or TEACHING 4760 Internship in Teaching
AGEDUC 3900Curriculum and Facilities Planning in Career and Technical Education3
AGEDUC 4930Teaching Cooperative Education in Agriculture3
AETM 4820History & Principles of Career and Technical Education2
Technology Education Major 2
AETM 1030Introduction to Manufacturing3
AETM 1130Wood Technology3
AETM 1200AC/DC Fundamentals3
AETM 1230Technical Drafting3
AETM 1530Power Systems Technology3
AETM 1830Introduction to Plastics Processing3
AETM 2020Basic Photography3
AETM 2430Building Construction Materials3
AETM 3050Introduction to Metals Processes3
Select any three AETM courses9
AETM 1010Principles of Safety and Risk Management 33
Total Credits121-134

Professional education requirements (42-52 credits) – G.P.A. 2.75 or better.


GPA 2.75 or better.


 Pre-Req. for all Applied Engineering and Technology Management Lab Courses listed above

Other Requirements

Agricultural/Technology Education

Teaching (K-12 Dual Certification)

Students wishing to receive certification to teach in both agricultural education AND technology education may pursue a dual certification by taking coursework in both areas. Dual certification requires student teaching in both areas and taking/passing the Praxis II competency exam in both areas as well. The list of courses may be found under agricultural education

  • Admission to School of Education 
  • Admission to student teaching
  • Check:
    1. Minimum 120 credit
    2. 42 credits in 3000 or 4000 level courses
    3. Cumulative grade point average of at least 2.75
    4. Grade point average of at least 2.75 within the major
    5. 32 credits in residence at UW-Platteville; also 23 of the last 32 credits must be in residence.