Engineering Technology Management, B.S.

Engineering Technology Management

Students will complete approximately 120 credits of coursework to receive a Bachelor of Science degree including a minimum of 43 credits of university general education curriculum. Of the 120-credit total, at least 42 credits of completed coursework will be at the upperclassman level.  With this major, an approved technical minor must be completed1.

Course Title Credits
General Requirements
General Education43-53
Natural Science Requirement
Principles of Physics (or higher)
Survey of General Chemistry (or higher)
Mathematics Requirement
Select one of the following options:6-9
Option 1 (math proficiency level of 40 required):
Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
Elementary Statistics
Option 2 (math proficiency level of 30 required):
Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry
Elementary Statistics
Option 3 (math proficiency level of 20 required):
Elementary Statistics
Option 4 (math proficiency level of 15 required):
College Algebra
Elementary Statistics
Option 5 (math proficiency level of 10 required):
Intermediate Algebra
College Algebra
Elementary Statistics
Required Professional Concentration Courses
AETM 1010Principles of Safety and Risk Management3
AETM 4680Engineering Technology Management Internship 21-8
AETM 4900Work Measurement and Human Factors3
AETM 4940Quality Assurance3
AETM 4950Production Planning and Control3
AETM 4980Training and Supervision3
BUSADMIN 1210Introduction to ERP1-3
or BUSADMIN 2110 Management Information Systems
BUSADMIN 1810Microsoft Excel for Business1-3
or BUSADMIN 2100 Supply Chain Management
or COMPUTER 1830 Microcomputer Applications
BUSADMIN 2010Business Communication3
or ENGLISH 3000 Technical Writing
Required Technical Core Courses 3
AETM 1030Introduction to Manufacturing 43
AETM 1200AC/DC Fundamentals 43
AETM 1230Technical Drafting 43
AETM 1530Power Systems Technology 43
AETM 1830Introduction to Plastics Processing 43
AETM 3050Introduction to Metals Processes 43
AETM 3130General Industry OSHA 30 Hour3
or AETM 3590 Industrial Hygiene and PPE
or AETM 4880 Fire Protection and Environmental Safety
AETM 34603D Industrial Production Drafting3
Approved Technical Minor 124-33
Electives (if needed) 5

Approved Technical Minors include: Agriculture and Applied Engineering Technology Management, Construction Management, Construction Safety ManagementDrafting Technology, Industrial Control Systems Technology, Metals Processing Technology, Safety Engineering Management, Plastics Processing Technology, and Sustainability and Renewable Energy Systems.


First 3 credits of internship are required.  Only credits beyond 3 can count as elective credits.


You must take these courses early in your program or they may result in course conflicts with upper-level courses. 


You must take these courses early in your program or they may result in course conflicts with upper-level courses. 


120 credits are required for graduation.