Soil and Crop Science Major, B.S.

Course Title Credits
General Requirements
General Requirements40-53
School of Agriculture Core12
Required Courses
SCSCI 2230Soils4
SCSCI 3200Integrated Pest Management3
SCSCI 3220Plant Development and Biotechnology4
SCSCI 3340Nutrient Management in Agriculture3
SCSCI 3350Soil Fertility and Fertilizers3
SCSCI 4340Plant Physiology3
SCSCI 4350Soil and Water Conservation3
BIOLOGY 1350General Botany5
CHEMSTRY 1050Survey of General Chemistry4-5
or CHEMSTRY 1140 General Chemistry I
Select 13 credits of the following:13
Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
Turfgrass Management
Fruit and Vegetable Production
Undergraduate Research in Environmental Horticulture
Reclamation Revegetation
Seed and Grain Crops
Soil Morphology and Classification
Special Problems in Soil Science
Special Problems in Crop Science
Plant Breeding
Weed Science
Forage Crops
Physical Properties of Soils
Undergraduate Research in Soil Science
Undergraduate Research in Crop Science
Select a 24-credit emphasis or minor from the following24-37
Total Credits121-135

Plant Breeding and Genetics Emphasis

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
SCSCI 4240Plant Breeding4
BIOLOGY 3330Genetics3
BIOLOGY 3530Biotechnology3
CHEMSTRY 1240General Chemistry II4
Plant Breeding and Genetics Emphasis Electives
Select 11 credits of the following:11
Cell Biology
Molecular Biology
Plant Pathology
Organic Chemistry I Lab
Organic Chemistry I
General Biochemistry Lab
General Biochemistry
Reclamation Revegetation
Total Credits25

Comprehensive Soil and Crop Science Emphasis

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
SCSCI 3260Seed and Grain Crops3
SCSCI 3330Soil Morphology and Classification3
SCSCI 4250Weed Science3
SCSCI 4320Forage Crops3
Biology or Physical Science Electives
Select 11 credits of the following:11
Ecology and Evolution
Morphology and Evolution of Vascular Plants
Plant Communities of Wisconsin
Plant Pathology
General Chemistry II
Physical Geology
Principles of Physics
Introductory Physics I
Introductory Physics II
Comprehensive Electives
Select at least 14 agriculture courses not used to fulfill other requirements approved by an advisor.14
Total Credits37

International Emphasis

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
AGBUS 2330World Population, Food and Resources3
SCSCI 3310Soils, Crops and Environmental Horticulture Seminar1
Select one of the following:3
Global Business
International Marketing
Special Problems
International Experience Course
Select one International Experience Course: 13-12
Study abroad experience
One-on-one exchange experience
Faculty-led international experience
International Electives
Students may select any international education course not already used to fulfill the general education international requirement and/or a foreign language course beyond second semester.3-12
Total Credits24-31