Agricultural Education, Agribusiness (Non-Teaching with a minor), B.S.

The agribusiness emphasis of agricultural education is not intended to provide teacher certification for teaching in public schools. It is rather an option to prepare graduates for

  • teaching or working in the agricultural industry,
  • working in the Cooperative Extension Service, or
  • continuing to complete a Master of Science in Education. A master’s degree would be necessary to become employed in the Cooperative Extension Service. The M.S.E. would meet the requirements for obtaining a license to teach agriculture at the secondary level.

Requirements for this option are similar to those of the teaching option except that fewer education classes are taken and the student is not required to student teach. In addition, the students are not required to be admitted to the teacher education program. As such, they do not need to meet the G.P.A. or PPST requirements listed for the teaching option.

Course Title Credits
General Requirements
General Education40-53
School of Agriculture Core12
Required Agricultural Education Courses
TEACHING 1230Introduction to Education2
AGEDUC 2920Introduction to Agricultural and Extension Education2
AGEDUC 4930Teaching Cooperative Education in Agriculture3
Required Crops/Soils/Envrionmental Horticulture Courses
SCSCI 2230Soils4
or SCSCI 3260 Seed and Grain Crops
SCSCI 3350Soil Fertility and Fertilizers3
or SCSCI 3330 Soil Morphology and Classification
Soils and Crops (SCSCI) or Environmental Horticulture (ENVHORT) electives5
Required Animal Science Courses
ANSCI 3000Animal Nutrition3
ANSCI 3030Genetics of Livestock Improvement3
ANSCI 3110Reproductive Physiology of Domestic Animals4
Animal Science (ANSCI ) elective3
Required Agribusiness Courses
AGBUS 2430Agricultural Marketing3
AGBUS 2500Producer and Consumer Cooperatives3
AGBUS 3460Farm Business Management3
AGBUS 4500Agribusiness Management3
Agribusiness (AGBUS) electives5
Required Agribusiness Engineering Technology Courses
AGET 3830Engines and Tractor Systems3
AGET 3950Soil and Water Conservation Engineering3
AGET 4890Structures and Environmental Control3
Agribusiness Engineering Technology (AGET) electives5
Total Credits115-128