Special Students

Students who wish to further their education, but are not immediately seeking a degree from a UW-Platteville campus may apply as a special student. Students in this category are ineligible for financial aid.

Special Student Application Procedure and Admission Guidelines

In order to be enrolled as a special non-degree student for the Fall, Spring or Summer term, the applicant must complete the online special student application (https://apply.wisconsin.edu/).  For students interested in Winterim courses, applications are available through the Office of the Registrar.  Academic records/transcripts are not required to be submitted in the admission process, however prospective students are required to have graduated from a recognized high school or its equivalent. In some circumstances, the Admission Office may request academic records/transcripts to determine eligibility for admission. 

Students who, after having been a special student, wish to seek a degree must complete the admission process for degree-seeking students and matriculate before they have earned 30 semester credits as a special student.