Political Science Minor

Course Title Credits
Required Courses12
Introduction to Politics
Introduction to American Government
International Relations
Comparative Politics
Elective Courses12
Select 12 credits of the following:
Current Issues and Democracy
Introduction to Public Policy
The Political Economy of Race, Gender and Ethnicity
Introduction to Public Administration
Political Psychology
American Political Parties and Interest Groups
Modern Japan (*note 2 different course numbers)
Modern China (*note 2 different course numbers)
Social Research
The Judicial Process
State and Local Government
British Isles to 1714
British Isles since 1714
Political Theory
Politics of the Global Economy
(*note 2 different course numbers)
International Human Rights
International Security
Politics of Sports
Constitutional Law
Political Science Field Trip (1 credit)
Modern Russia
Modern Africa
Internship in Political Science
Independent Study and Research in Political Science
Trial Advocacy
Seminar in Selected Topics in Political Science
Other courses that count as political science electives:
The History and Politics of Hip Hop
Life and Culture in the United States
Agricultural Policy Seminar
Central Asia: Empires and Nations
NOTE: All Political Science courses listed above are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.
Total Credits24