Coordinator: Shan Sappleton
Office: 137 Gardner Hall
Phone: 608.342.1806

About the International Studies Program

International studies is available as a comprehensive interdisciplinary major and minor offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Education in the UW-Platteville Department of International Studies. Through a cross-national approach, the major is designed to make visible and explicit the interdependence that has been created by economic, technological, and communications development in the contemporary world.

Students in international studies must be self-directed and confident in their ability to plan their coursework to match their anticipated professional goals. This major is designed to prepare students to work effectively in an increasingly complex world. The program offers considerable flexibility for students to develop areas of specialization and to draw upon the offerings of other departments across the university. All majors are required to study a foreign language and participate in an education abroad program.


The international studies major provides a foundation in transnational and intercultural relations through interdisciplinary work across departments. It includes curricular, experiential, and skills components that enable students to engage in personal development, academic commitment, and intercultural understanding.

Goals and Objectives

Graduates will:

  1. Be able to approach international problems from multiple disciplinary perspectives (such as business, economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology).
  2. Be able to communicate proficiently in a language other than English.
  3. Be able to analyze international issues from multiple theoretical perspectives (such as realist, feminist, environmental, institutionalist, historical materialist, and structuralist).
  4. Be able to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of a particular country or region outside the United States.
  5. Be able to write effectively about international issues.

General Requirements Bachelor of Arts Degree

Course Title Credits
Total for graduation120
General education44-58
Major studies48-64