Environmental Engineering Major, B.S.

Course Title Credits
General Requirements
General Education25
Required Courses 1,2
Mathematics (18 credits)
MATH 2640Calculus and Analytic Geometry I4
MATH 2740Calculus and Analytic Geometry II4
MATH 2840Calculus and Analytic Geometry III4
MATH 3630Differential Equations I3
MATH 4030Statistical Methods with Applications3
Basic Sciences (21-22 credits)
CHEMSTRY 1450Chemistry for Engineers5
CHEMSTRY 3130Environmental Chemistry3
CHEMSTRY 3110Environmental Chemistry Lab1
PHYSICS 2240General Physics I4
BIOLOGY 3240Microbiology5
Select one of the following:3-4
Physical Geology
Geology for Engineers
Engineering Topics (53 Credits)
GENENG 1030Introduction to Engineering Projects1
GENENG 1320Engineering Computer Graphics2
GENENG 2820Engineering Economy2
GENENG 2130Engineering Mechanics-Statics3
GENENG 2340Mechanics of Materials4
CIVILENG 2000Introduction to Infrastructure3
CIVILENG 2220Civil and Environmental Engineering Computer Applications2
CIVILENG 2630Elements of Surveying3
CIVILENG 3300Fluid Mechanics4
ENVENG 3340Environmental Engineering4
CIVILENG 3740Geotechnical Engineering I4
ENVENG 4300Hydrology3
ENVENG 4310Groundwater Hydrology3
ENVENG 4330Air and Waste Management3
ENVENG 4400Municipal Hydraulics3
ENVENG 4410Wastewater Treatment and Management3
ENVENG 4420Water Supply and Treatment3
CIVILENG 4930Civil and Environmental Engineering Design Project3
Select 9 credits of the following:9
Soils (if GEOLOGY taken as Earth Science)
Geographic Information Systems
Geographic Information Systems
Construction Engineering
Construction Materials
Site Design and Stormwater Management
Principles of Safety and Risk Management
Construction Safety Management
Industrial Hygiene and PPE
Environmental Law
Basic Thermoscience for Engineers
Fundamentals of Energy Sources
Sustainability: Ecology, Resources and Practice
Biorenewable Resources
Understanding Electric Power Systems
Green Building Design
Undergraduate Research
Freshwater Biology
Ecology and Evolution
Wetland Ecology, Restoration and Management
Soil Nutrient Management (consent of instructor)
Soil and Water Conservation (consent of instructor)
Financial Accounting
Leadership and Management
Quality Engineering
Startup Launchpad
Business Law
Small Business Management
Organic Chemistry I
Quantitative Analysis
Instrumental Analysis
Total Credits123

A 2.0 G.P.A. in the major is required for graduation.


No more than two D/D+'s in CIVILENG/ENVENG courses fulfilling graduation requirements is allowed.