Civil Engineering Major, B.S.

Course Title Credits
General Requirements
General Education25
Required Courses
UWPSTUDY 1010Introduction to College Life1
MATH 2640Calculus and Analytic Geometry I4
MATH 2740Calculus and Analytic Geometry II4
MATH 2840Calculus and Analytic Geometry III4
MATH 3630Differential Equations I3
MATH 4030Statistical Methods with Applications3
CHEMSTRY 1450Chemistry for Engineers5
PHYSICS 2240General Physics I4
ENERGY 3320Understanding Electric Power Systems2
or PHYSICS 2340 General Physics II
GEOLOGY 3130Geology for Engineers3-4
or GEOLOGY 1140 Physical Geology
GENENG 1030Introduction to Engineering Projects1
Career Development - Choose one of the following:2-3
Leadership and Management
Leadership Competencies for Early-Career Engineers
Civil and Environmental Engineering Cooperative Education
Undergraduate Research
Independent Study
Undergraduate Research
Principles of Safety and Risk Management
Engineering Management
Engineering Topics
GENENG 1320Engineering Computer Graphics2
GENENG 2130Engineering Mechanics-Statics3
GENENG 2340Mechanics of Materials4
GENENG 2230Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics3
or GENENG 2630 Basic Thermoscience for Engineers
or GENENG 2930 Applications of Electrical Engineering
or MECHENG 2630 Thermodynamics
GENENG 2820Engineering Economy2
CIVILENG 2000Introduction to Infrastructure3
CIVILENG 2220Civil and Environmental Engineering Computer Applications2
CIVILENG 2630Elements of Surveying3
CIVILENG 3020Construction Engineering3
CIVILENG 3030Construction Materials3
CIVILENG 3140Introduction to Structural Engineering4
CIVILENG 3300Fluid Mechanics4
ENVENG 3340Environmental Engineering4
CIVILENG 3530Transportation Engineering3
CIVILENG 3740Geotechnical Engineering I4
CIVILENG 4930Civil and Environmental Engineering Design Project3
Civil Engineering Technical Electives
Select one of the following emphasis areas with a minimum of 14 credits14
Total Credits118-120

Construction Engineering Emphasis

Course Title Credits
CIVILENG 4020Construction Estimates and Costs3
CIVILENG 4030Construction Equipment2
CIVILENG 4040Construction and Professional Management3
CIVILENG/ENVENG 4###Any 4000-level CIVILENG or ENVENG courses6
Total Credits14

Geotechnical Engineering Emphasis

Course Title Credits
CIVILENG 4160Foundation Design3
CIVILENG 4730Geotechnical Engineering II3
CIVILENG 4150Reinforced Concrete Structures3
or CIVILENG 4520 Pavement Design and Analysis
or ENVENG 4310 Groundwater Hydrology
CIVILENG/ENVENG 4###Any 4000-level CIVILENG or ENVENG courses5
Total Credits14

Environmental Engineering Emphasis

Course Title Credits
Select 4 of the following 7:12
Groundwater Hydrology
Air and Waste Management
Municipal Hydraulics
Wastewater Treatment and Management
Water Supply and Treatment
Site Design and Stormwater Management
CIVILENG/ENVENG 4###Any 4000-level CIVILENG or ENVENG course2-3
Total Credits14-15

Structural Engineering Emphasis

Course Title Credits
CIVILENG 4110Intermediate Structural Engineering3
CIVILENG 4150Reinforced Concrete Structures3
CIVILENG 4160Foundation Design3
CIVILENG 4230Steel Design3
CIVILENG 4250Wood Structures3
Total Credits15

Transportation Engineering Emphasis

Course Title Credits
Select at least three of the following:8-9
Highway Engineering
Pavement Design and Analysis
Traffic Engineering
Pavement Maintenance and Rehab
CIVILENG/ENVENG 4###Any 4000-level CIVILENG or ENVENG course5-6
Total Credits14

Municipal Engineering Emphasis

Course Title Credits
ENVENG 4300Hydrology3
ENVENG 4400Municipal Hydraulics3
CIVILENG 4640Site Design and Stormwater Management3
CIVILENG 4500Highway Engineering3
or CIVILENG 4550 Traffic Engineering
CIVILENG 4520Pavement Design and Analysis2-3
or CIVILENG 4560 Pavement Maintenance and Rehab
Total Credits14