UW System Administration

University of Wisconsin Administrators

(as of July 2020)

Tommy G. Thompson Interim President
Robert G. Cramer Vice President for Administration
Anny Morrobel-Sosa Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
Sean Nelson Vice President for Finance
David Brukardt Interim Vice President of Corporate Relations and Economic Engagement

Board of Regents

(as of July 2020)

Robert Atwell
Scott Beightol
Amy Blumenfeld Bogost
Héctor Colón
José Delgado
Michael M. Grebe, Regent Vice President
Eve Hall
Mike Jones
Tracey L. Klein
Becky Levzow, Ex Officio Member (WTCS Board President)
Edmund Manydeeds III
Andrew S. Petersen, Regent President
Cris Peterson
Corey Saffold
Carolyn Stanford Taylor, Ex Officio Member (State Superintendent)
Karen Walsh
Kyle M. Weatherly
Olivia Woodmansee