University Administration

Chancellor's Cabinet

(as of June 2024)

Tammy K. Evetovich Chancellor
Laura K. Reynolds Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Chris Patton Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance; Chief Business Officer
John B. Dunning Assistant Chancellor for Strategy and Planning; Chief Data Officer
Kari Hill Executive Director, Student Access and Academic Support; Senior Diversity Officer
Alison Parkins Communications Director; Public Information Officer

Academic Deans

College of Business, Industry, Life Science & Agriculture

Wayne Weber Dean
Jodi McDermott Assistant Dean for Student Services
Chuck Steiner Assistant Dean

College of Engineering, Mathematics & Science

Philip Parker Acting Dean
Jessica Fick Assistant Dean for Special Projects

College of Liberal Arts & Education

Travis Nelson Interim Dean
Carrie Van Hallgren Assistant Dean

Academic Affairs

Carrie Keller Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Holly Attenborough Assistant Provost