Philosophy Major, B.A.

The major requires a minimum of 33 credits.  Philosophy majors, in addition to the requirements for the major, are also required to take a third-semester or upper-division foreign language course, and one English literature course at the 2000 level or above. 

Course Title Credits
General Requirements
Core Curriculum39-56
Required Language Course
FRENCH 2040Intermediate French4
or GERMAN 2240 Intermediate German
or SPANISH 2840 Intermediate Spanish
Required Courses in Literature
ENGLISH2000-level or higher English Literature course
Major Studies
PHLSPHY 1130Introduction to Philosophy3
PHLSPHY 2630Logic3
PHLSPHYFour 3000-level seminars12
PHLSPHYOne 4000-level seminar3
Total Credits70-87