Interdisciplinary Philosophy Major, B.A.

The interdisciplinary philosophy major consists of 27 credits in philosophy and 15 credits in a companion discipline.

For the Bachelor of Arts degree, students are also required to complete a third semester in a world language (such as FRENCH 2040, GERMAN 2240, SPANISH 2840) and one English literature course (2000-level or above).

Course Title Credits
Philosophy Requirements
PHLSPHY 1130Introduction to Philosophy3
PHLSPHY 2530Ethics3
PHLSPHY 2630Logic3
PHLSPHY 3030Ancient and Medieval Philosophy3
PHLSPHY 3040Modern Philosophy3
Applied Ethics3
Choose at least one of the following, depending upon the companion discipline (see below)
Business Ethics
Environmental Ethics
Biomedical Ethics
Science, Technology, and Ethics
Additional Courses in Philosophy9
At least three additional 3-credit courses, at least two of which must be at the 3000-level or above
Philosophy of Love, Sex and Friendship
Thinking Critically
Major Traditions in Eastern Religions
Special Topics in Philosophy
Philosophy of Sport
Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of Gender and Sexuality
Philosophy of Law
Seminar in Philosophy
Individual Research in Philosophy
Common Discipline Requirements 115
Financial Accounting
Global Business
9 additional credits in Accounting or Business Administration
Applied Ethics - PHLSPHY 2550
Criminal Justice
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Foundations of Policing
Foundations of Corrections
Six additional credits in Criminal Justice
English Language and Linguistics
Fifteen credits from ENGLISH 2210, ENGLISH 3250, ENGLISH 3260, ENGLISH 4020 and an approved course in English
World Language
At least 15 credits in one world language (Spanish, French or German). At least 3 credits must be earned at UW-Platteville
Six credits of literature
Six credits of history
Three credits of either literature or history at 3000-level or above
Professional Writing
Technical Writing
Social Science
Twelve credits in any Social Science course 2
Three credits of Mathematics, MATH 1620 or above
Nine credits in a course with a Natural Science designation
Three additional credits in either Mathematics or General Engineering
Applied Ethics - Any of PHLSPHY 3540, PHLSPHY 3440, PHLSPHY 3480
Additional Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree7-15
Third Semester World Language
Intermediate French
Intermediate German
Intermediate Spanish
One English Literature course 2000-level or above
Total Credits49

A student may choose an alternative companion discipline with permission of two faculty members: one from philosophy and one from that companion discipline.


Twelve credits in any courses that either have general education social science designation or are from a social science program (i.e., economics, geography, international studies, political science, psychology, or sociology).