English Education Minor

Course Title Credits
Select one 3-credit course in American Literature 1,23
Select one 3-credit course in British Literature 1,23
ENGLISH 2210Introduction to Linguistics 33
or ENGLISH 3930 Teaching of Literature
ENGLISH 3030Teaching of Composition3
TEACHING 4390Teaching of English in Middle and Secondary Schools3
Additional Elective: Students must select ENGLISH 2120, ENGLISH 2210, ENGLISH 2650, or another American or British Literature course3
Total Credits18

Requirements for the School of Education

  1. Pass Pre-Professional Skills Test
  2. Apply in sophomore year to the School of Education
  3. Fulfill requirements on middle/secondary education checklist
  4. Pass English content test (Praxis II)
  5. Satisfy the requirements outlined in the teacher licensure section listed under the School of Education in this catalog